it's ALMOST time to say goodbye...

Sorry, we're no longer taking new orders.  We will close at Christmas 2020 once all existing orders have been fulfilled.


Generally, we begin working on your order straight away so if you do have a change of mind, then speed is always of the essence to minimise costs.  If for some reason you place your order and immediately require a refund, there is a £25 administration and transfer fee to amend or close down your order, set you up as a new bank payee and authorise a return payment to you.

If you are cancelling within the first 14 days of placing your order, then it’s highly likely we’ve already taken steps to process your order.  If we’ve already begun working on your order, then we will refund your payment less a charge of between £50-£75 for work carried out on your order.

If you are wishing to cancel within 14 days, an alternative to consider is putting your order on hold, for you to unhold within 180 days.  You can only do this once, and this must be actioned by you.  You must unhold the order within 180 days of purchase.

Cancellations after 14 days and the refund due will depend on where we are with your order.  If we already have you order in stock then generally no refund will be due as we will have to arrange to dispose of your order.

Please note only the person whom purchased from us can request a cancellation.