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Orders are typically for collection.  We used to offer a delivery option at checkout for +£20 and hire a chiller van to deliver the pork packs once they were ready.  This generally worked out costwise as we could deliver many pork packs in the same, very long, delivery run.  However we began getting orders from further afield, Devon, Wales, Scotland (North Yorkshire is a stretch for us), the East Coast, and being spread too far and wide and too thin on the order side we just couldn't deliver for £20, and so we removed the delivery option.  We can still possbily arrange delivery but it's very important to let us know before you place your order that delivery will be required and the postcode so that we can quote a price, which will also be based on when you want your pork.  Please also let us know in advance of any delivery restrictions time/day wise, and of course a chiller van needs to be able to get reasonable close to deliver.  We also sometimes arrange to meet customers as part of other road trips, which avoids the customer having to travel all the way to the farm - sometimes there is no charge for this providing you are on time.  We will always do whatever we can to get your pork to if if required, but it may not always be possible and may require a bespoke delivery service.