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Fresh or Frozen?

You may have read elsewhere that your hog is properly hung before cutting it up.  The downside is that once it's cut, it needs to be cooked, cured or frozen.  It is vac packed ready for the freezer and this helps to extend product life, but neither protective atmospheres (gasses) nor preservatives are used - the product is natural, so when your order is ready it does need to be cooked cured or frozen promptly.  We can freeze your order for you in a commercial freezer that will freeze your pork very quickly (in as little as 30 minutes), which is the best for maintaining quality.  When you put a substantial amount of fresh meat in say a domestic chest freezer, it can take up to 72 hours to fully freeze which is not so good.  If there is a delay in you collecting your meat it will be frozen to maintain it's quality.  We will not allow it to deteriote.  If you want it fresh not frozen, do make this clear to us and ensure it is collected when ready, usually 5 days after despatching unless you are taking it earlier or as a carcass/sides.