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Whilst usually the pigs we fatten are supplied butchered, bagged and labelled ready to cook, cure and freeze, some of our customers want to use their pig for a special function.

Fancy a spit roasted pig for your function?  Well not only can we supply the whole hog, but we can hog roast it too and serve to your guests with your choice of sides or simply in a bun with apple sauce and stuffing.

Simply drop us an email with your requirements, location (postcode), and date/timing of the function and we can give you an all inclusive quotation.

If you fancy using one of our hogs but roasting it yourself, here's a selection of photographs of how our customers have done it!  Do It Yourself


We are always happy to supply hogs ready to roast to both private individuals and caterers. We can even roast them for you and serve if required. But perhaps you fancy roasting a hog yourself - there's nothing more rewarding than spit roasting your own hog over an open fire pit, watching the crackling crisp up, the juices from the meat oozing out and basting the carcass as it's turned, naturally enjoying a few beers as the day progresses, your guests arrive and marvel at the sight, the smell, and then when it's cooked just right you as chef get the perks and sample that very first bit of crackling before carving the tender moist tasty meat... When buying a spit roast pig from us you are welcome to loan our spit free of charge* - prebooking essential. Contact us today.

* Deposit required