it's ALMOST time to say goodbye...

Well what a year 2020 has been with Covid-19... it's been a tough call but we've decided to call it a day, well a year anyway.

We'll be fulfilling all orders placed and then at Christmas we will close for good.

After over a decade of running 'numberonepig' we've decided it's time to call it.

Thank you to all those who have supported us and enjoyed the hogs we've provided over the years, unfortunately a steady decline in customers and an increase in competition and other costs has limited what we can do with the scheme going forward.

  • We're not taking any more orders. 
  • All orders to November have been fulfilled.
  • All customers who have placed orders this year whom requested their hogs to be ready in December will be able to arrange a date/time to collect their order as originally planned.
  • Beyond that we have no outstanding orders and will duly close.

If you are emailing from Christmas 2020 our emails will no longer be monitored and the website will be completely deleted in due course