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Please let us know you'd like to buy a pig by emailing us via the
Contact Us page.

We work on a strictly first come, first served basis, so as the orders
come in, we continually update our list of customers, matching their
needs with our herd.

You can include in your email when you'd like your pig to be ready,
what preference you might have for a particular breed and if you
require any different cuts.

We'll then get back to you to confirm your choice is available. We ask you to be patient, because we might not have the animal you want, but we will get it for you, or we might recommend a breed you've not considered. The idea is that you will become involved some three, to four months before the pig is ready.

Once we have a pig we think you'll like, we can email a picture and give you its number, as well as our order form, and away you go.


As to cost, we charge somewhere between £4.25 - £5.98 a kilo. Each animal will typically weigh at least 50 kilos deadweight (including the head, tail, trotters etc), so the cost to you is a set charge of £299, whether or not the animal is heavier.

We ask you to pay by cheque  or set up a standing order, providing one payment for when you order the pig of £74.75 and then three staged payments of £74.75, at dates which we will confirm during the pig's rearing (total £299).

Alternatively you can pay in one go by cheque, bank transfer or credit/debit card.  Don't worry, we'll guide you through the whole process.  And if you pay via bank transfer we offer a £15 discount when paying in one payment!

If you're buying it for a gift you can pay here and we'll send you a gift voucher so that you can send or present it to the recipient.

You can of course always join the scheme earlier with a 5 or 6 months to go, or indeed join later and get a pig ready for dispatch within a week. Just let us know what you require.


The rare breed pigs we rear are the traditional rare breeds that remain in the United Kingdom: Gloucester Old Spot,
Tamworth, Berkshire, Middle White, Large Black, British Lop, Oxford Sandy & Black and the British Saddleback.

Before your pig is due to be delivered to you - this can vary from the date we gave you, as we don't 'finish' a pig until it's ready - we will send you an estimated delivery date and time, plus a cut-sheet.

Also, bear in mind that your pig will hang allowing the meat to relax and mellow. This is another key difference from factory produced meat, where hanging time is losing money time!