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Gourmet, epicure, foodie or just a lover of good food, some of us just know what we like to eat.  Finding an appropriate gift can nevertheless be hard work, that's where our Pig Gift Pack comes in.  It makes a great gift and is also perfect for parties, events, wedding receptions, or anytime you are hosting a large gathering.  Perfect for a family, too, as the meat can be frozen or cured for later use.

And having been named one of BBC Good Food Magazines 3 of the best - you can't go wrong!

The Ultimate Foodie Gift has got to be a traditionally reared rare breed pig raised especially for the recipient, with optional photo's and updates and ultimately butchered, bagged and labeled ready to cook cure or freeze!!!!

Now we appreciate that wrapping a whole pig might be somewhat problematical, not to mention keeping it chilled, so we’ve developed the Pig Gift Pack which is a simple way to give that special someone a unique gift!

The Pig Gift Pack comprises a gift voucher, a photograph of some of the pigs we raise feeding at the trough, a 3D gift card left blank for you to write your own personal message which can stand in the home as a reminder for many months, a fridge magnet again a great reminder of what's soon to fill their fridge, and an optional mug to be presented to the recipient.

The gift voucher gives details to the recipient of how the scheme works and how to contact us in their own time to start their scheme to redeem a whole pig, butchered, bagged and labeled ready to cook, cure or freeze.  The voucher has six months to be redeemed, which means to start the scheme, and the scheme can run outside of this period once a pig has been chosen.

In the pack the recipient is given a link to our special pig scheme website which explains why the meat from rare breed pigs tastes so fantastic, why eating rare breed pigs actually helps to conserve them for the future, information about the cuts they will get and some recipe tips on what to do with them, and some advice on sausage making and curing bacon. The recipient will also be entitled to our news giving the goings on at our farm and giving updates about their pig.

Yes that’s right, their pig!  If they wish, they will be able to select their pig from a litter and follow it’s progress until it is ready to eat including visiting their pig!  But of course if they want their pig quicker, then we can supply a pre fattened porker, which has been raised in exactly the same way usually within 3 weeks or faster if required.

A whole gifted pig usually costs £306.50 (£299 for the hog & £7.50 for a basic giftpack) and typically will be at least 50kgs of quality meat (our hogs often kill out at 60-70kg), so that represents excellent value at roughly £5.98/kg as a maximum price per kg. Remember, this is not commercial produced pork factory farmed, this is rare breed pork traditionally reared both outdoors and in deep straw filled barns as naturally as possible producing superbly juicy meat with roasting joints with proper crackling!

Complete traceability is assured.

The price includes a whole pig with butchery to the recipients specification for collection from our farm.

Want to share a pig? That’s no problem at all! If you want additional Gift Pack’s for a share in your pig, we can provide these for an additional £7.50/pack.  Just ask!  We will send you additional gift vouchers to gift, and each recipient will receive their own updates on the pigs progress.  Pigs can be fairly evenly shared into two halves, or split into quarters.  The half or quarter pigs will be butchered, bagged and labelled ready for collection from the farm.

Why not treat yourself!  You won't buy better.

You can checkout via PayPal or with a card below, or if you'd like to pay in full via bank transfer we can offer a £15 discount (excludes instalment plans) - email us for our bank details and to progress your order

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Pig Gift Packs - Pig Gift Packs are sent to you via Royal Mail.  If you urgently require a Pig Gift Pack we are able to send you an electronic gift voucher which you can print off to present, and we can send the balance of the gift pack to follow via mail.  Just contact us via email and let us know what we can do to help you.

All items within the gift pack are subject to availability and may be substituted with a similar item at our discretion.  Whilst we always keep a stock of gift pack items, at times of heavy demand we may find ourselves short of items such as mugs and 3D cards.  A little time may be needed to reorder fresh stock - please always let us know it you are working to a deadline and we will endeavour to meet your needs.