the number one pig place

The Best Pork comes from Rare Breed Pigs.  It's as simple as that!

Welcome!  You've reached the home of one of the best sources of slow traditionally reared pork based in the heart of the country - Leicestershire.

We specialise in rearing our rare breed pigs on a traditional grain based diet which is natural, as well as fruit and vegetables to produce completely traceable succulent pork.

We like you to be 'involved', if you wish that is, in the whole process from birth to plate.  The process can begin as early as 2 - 8 weeks of age when you can select the pig we will fatten especially for you.  At 8 weeks your 'weaner' will be ready to be weaned along with his or her litter siblings, and the total process will last approximately 6 months.  We will update you regularly with the goings on complete with pictures of your pig, and you are welcome to come and visit your pig during the process (by appointment).  We encourage you to get involved and ask questions.

Of course if you want a pig straight away, we can meet your needs and you'll still have the piece of mind of knowing that your pig was kept in a traditional way, slowly raised to produce the best pork.

We will guide you through the butchery options available to you and your pig will come butchered, bagged and labelled ready to cook cure or freeze.

We can also supply meaty sausages and drycured bacon and gammons if required and have these ready with your pig.

Why not split a pig with your friends or neighbours or even give one as a present for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and all other celebrations.

We can also supply suckling and spit roast pigs from simply supplying the pig to providing the full spit roast equipment complete with a cook and server to completely cater for your occasion.

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